Craniosacral Massage


The craniosacral system comprises the skull (cranium), the spine, the sacral bone (sacrum) as well as the sheaths of the central nervous system (CNS) and the cerebrospinal fluid.
Craniosacral Massage is a holistic body work that takes up the regular pulsations with which the cerebral fluid renews itself. This fluid flows around the brain and the spine and nourishes it. Its rhythm of 8-12 cycles a minute may – as a micro impulse – be subtly palpated and felt by the therapist on your entire body. During treatments, gentle manual techniques are exerted with a slight pull and pressure on specific parts of the body, in particular the head). These touches will help your body relax in its entirety, promote self-healing powers, loosen blockades and promote and stimulate natural regenerative processes from within the body.
Craniosacral Massage is, e.g., used in case of: traumas caused by falls, shock, or accident (e.g. whiplash), headaches (migraine), back troubles, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalance, motor, sensory, and psychosomatic trouble, and stress.

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