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I suffered from psoriasis. I endured many creams / light therapies, medications and other treatments for years. Unfortunately, always with very short success. The lichens kept coming back.
After hypnotherapy I felt better and better.
The medication I was prescribed suddenly helped.
I am now released for exactly one year.
Even if hypnosis wouldn’t have helped, I can say that every minute and every franc was worth it.
I am more balanced and satisfied.
I literally dumped my backpack, which had been filled with negatives over the years.
It was a wonderful break for me.
Many Thanks

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Christmas letter 2020

A very special year is slowly coming to an end. The pandemic forced us to rethink and reorganize our previous lives. Many experienced economic problems and human contacts were reduced to a minimum. As a result, people became more cautious and reserved.
For this reason I would like to express my special thanks to all customers for their loyalty to the business.
Despite the current circumstances, I am optimistic about the future and stick to the following saying: “Regardless of whether the old year was good or bad, the new year has a chance to get better.”
I wish you all the best for 2021 and stay healthy.
Best wishes
Andreas Kormann

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Thank you very much

Hello Mister Kormann
In January 2004 I came to you, then still in Basel, to get rid of smoking with hypnosis therapy. In all honest – I didn´t believe in it and came up with the idea that “it´s no use, then it won´t do any harm. Now we are in August 2020 and since the first therapy session with you, I only breathe “pure, healthy, fresh air”… exactly that is the sentence I can remember as if it were yesterday. As a man from Thun-City, I can only say in the broadest  bernese german: “DANKE VIU MAU Andreas Kormann for the new Quality in my live I gained through this session”!
I wish you continued success and good health.
Best regards
Markus Fankhauser

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Corona 2020

The corona pandemic suddenly and fundamentally changed our daily life. Things that were take for garanted before (physicaly contact, large collections, long walkes, etc.) were prohibited. People were “decelerated” and thrown back on themselves. At first, this took some time getting used to. Most people, however, managed to make the switch pretty well after a few days.
The pandemic also had its good side. What was previously considered impossible was quickly mastered and we found quick and pragmatic solutions for previously unthinkable situations. We have learnd to be considerate again and to take care of other People, nature and ourselves.
However, we still face a number of challenges; however we judge the situation, one thing is certain: we can only do all this together and look to the future with confidence.

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Christmas letter 2019

Dear customers
An eventful year is slowly coming to an end. It was a good year with valuable, exciting, motivating and entertaining encounters. So I look full of curiosity and confidence on the new year and let me surprise what it will bring.
I would like to sincerely thank all our customers for their loyalty to our business. Enjoy the coming holidays and have a good start to the new year.
I am pleased to welcome you back to Body Harmony on January 6, 2020. With pre-Christmas greetings
Andreas Kormann

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Hello Mr. Kormann  I wanted to contact you much sooner to thank you again. After I’m back home, I run from one appointment to the next.
Your back and foot reflexology massage did me very well. I seldom went up like this. Since I was visiting you, I had no more cramps in my feet.
I will gladly make an new Appointment when I’m in Langenthal again.
Many thanks and greetings from Germany.
Barbara (via WhatsApp)

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From positiv thinking

Even if many people do not want to admit it, our attitude and the corresponding thoughts – for whatever topic – take on a great significance. It does not mean in vain “Thoughts create reality.” Positive thinking, difficult as it sometimes is, gives us – in every situation – unimagined possibilities. With the energy of the positive thoughts, combined with pictorial imagination and firm conviction, the power of the subconscious mind will help us reach every goal (time may not matter), because “every imaginative vision has an aspiration to be realized.” It is important that the visual idea and the will aim in the same direction. If pictorial representation and the will are opposed to each other, the inner image is always realized. An example from Arthur Lassen’s “Today is my best day”: Someone is in the hospital and keeps saying, “I want to get well; I want to get away as quickly as possible.” This is a good, positive suggestion. However, if the same person sees the inner picture of a funeral, she will leave the hospital, not as she wanted, but as she imagined. I wish you many positive thoughts

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