From positiv thinking

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From positiv thinking

Even if many people do not want to admit it, our attitude and the corresponding thoughts – for whatever topic – take on a great significance. It does not mean in vain “Thoughts create reality.” Positive thinking, difficult as it sometimes is, gives us – in every situation – unimagined possibilities. With the energy of the positive thoughts, combined with pictorial imagination and firm conviction, the power of the subconscious mind will help us reach every goal (time may not matter), because “every imaginative vision has an aspiration to be realized.” It is important that the visual idea and the will aim in the same direction. If pictorial representation and the will are opposed to each other, the inner image is always realized. An example from Arthur Lassen’s “Today is my best day”: Someone is in the hospital and keeps saying, “I want to get well; I want to get away as quickly as possible.” This is a good, positive suggestion. However, if the same person sees the inner picture of a funeral, she will leave the hospital, not as she wanted, but as she imagined. I wish you many positive thoughts

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