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Dear Andy,

Shortly to the info:
I was recently for a hypnosis to strengthen self confidence, because I had an important interview (which was important for my future career).

So I was on this particular Friday at the interviews at the school for design (it was the head of the school and a teacher present). Actually everything went well and I was not too nervous until the teacher asked us what we would read for professional literature …. I then asked x-people, and no human being reads Fachliteratur ….

So in short: I was speechless at the moment and did not know any answer.
At the very end, the teacher then clasped his arms, turned back and asked if we were actually aware that only “people with bite” were in demand at your school.
We would be informed within the next two weeks.
Since I have definitely no longer touched and hope lost something.

In spite of all this, however, as I have mentioned in hypnosis, I have always seen before my inner eye the letter in which one writes “We are pleased to be able to inform you that …”

Now I got a phone today and they told me they wanted to take me in. Incredible, not !? And – for you it is probably unbelievable 😉
Well, the hypnosis seems to work effectively!

Thank you very much, many thanks for everything and I would like to register again. I definitely need one or the other “refresher”.

Kind regards


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